HARNET-2: Our Plan

Major Milestone

Date MileStone Details
Q4 2002 HARNET-2 Prototype
  • Backbone network established
  • PC clusters in each university
  • Able to generate "normal" traffic on the testbed
  • Software based IDRs to connect the clusters
  • Support DDoS intrusion/detection and traffic control
  • Basic network control software
  • Q2/Q3 2003 IDRs
  • Network Control Center setup
  • IDR with traceback support
  • 2003 *HARNET-2 Attack Competition
  • Formulation of the control environment
  • Promotion to international researchers
  • Compilation of final results
  • Q4 2003/Q1 2004 IDR-3
  • Network processor implemnetation of IDR

  • *A HARNET-2 Attack Competition is held to test the security of HARNET-2 after the infrastructure is setup. The initial idea is to open up the HARNET-2 for international researchers to attack within a certain period, say around half a year. Within this period, a prize (say around a few thousand dollars) will be given to anyone who can break in or disable the system, provided they disclose to the HARNET-2 research team how the attack works and if the attack is reproducible. Advantages of this competition include greater publicity as well as allowing the security of HARNET-2 to be really tested by international experts.

    IDR Development Plan

    • IDR Phase 1(IDR-1)
      • Detection and traffic control: completed
      • Integrate with machine learning algorithm to construct detection/reaction rule
    • IDR Phase 2(IDR-2)
      • Integrate with the VPN Control Network
      • Network control and monitoring software development
      • Traceback development
    • IDR Phase 3(IDR-3)
      • Network Processor implementation